March 2006

CR-18 Radio details

Gordon MacCreagh “The Incorrigible Explorer” packed a CR-18 on his expedition into Abyssinia to hunt for the Ark of the Coventant in 1927. From an article published online by Peter Ruber:

“Amateur radio operators who have picked up messages from Arctic explorers and from the Dyott expedition now following Theodore Roosevelt’s trail down the River of Doubt through the jungles of Brazil are likely to hear dispatches from Gordon MacCreagh, exploring in Abyssinia.

“When Gordon MacCreagh, American explorer, left New York on the Abyssinian expedition, Feb. 10, long and short wave radio traveled with him. Some of the equipment carried was that which Commander Richard E. Byrd took in his airplane on his successful flight over the North Pole.

“This apparatus consisted of a broadcast receiver, and a CR-18 short-wave set designed by A. H. Grebe & Co., Inc. The short-wave transmitting equipment to be used by the expedition will be of British make. Although the operator who will accompany the expedition has not yet been chosen, it is said he will be picked up in England on the way to Abyssinia.

Gordon MacCreagh Grebe CR-18 radio

Details about MacCreagh’s exploration of the Amazon, see his book White Waters and Black

Grebe CR-18 Instruction Manual