Hear about Alfred H. Grebe, the founding father of what became WCBS Radio.

WCBS Radio 880’s Wayne Cabot interviewed Alfred H. Grebe Jr. in 2004.

The occasion was the Richmond Hill Historical Society plaque placed on the former Grebe Radio factory.  See the story at http://www.greberadio.com/1922-grebe-radio-factory/

The audio file comes to us courtesy of Alex Silverman, WCBS Newsradio 880 Anchor/Report.  Alex recently got in touch with me (Alfred H. Grebe, 3rd) and George D. Meier, also a grandson of Alfred H. Grebe.  We chatted with Alex via Skype about the Alfred Grebe’s radio legacy.  Alex will be editing the conversation for a possible news story commemorating WCBS Radio 880’s 50th anniversary as an all news station.