A. H. Grebe Tribute Plaque

A Tribute to the Memory of
Alfred Henry Grebe

Broadcast, Sunday,October 27th, 1935
by the Columbia Broadcasting Station WABC

We pause to pay tribute to a distinguished pioneer. Today radio which owes him so much mourns the loss of Alfred Henry Grebe. This very network owes its beginning to his work, who looked to the future when fascinated by what was called radio and devoted his life to it.

At fourteen wireless was his hobby. At fifteen he was a full-fledged operator. At sixteen he was at sea in charge of the radio shack. After three years he gave up the sea, radio still his absorbing interest. At the insistence of friends Alfred H. Grebe began to manufacture receiving sets. By 1914 when the political and social conflict in Europe began Alfred H. Grebe was being complimented for his achievements in radio. After the war America became radio conscious and Alfred H. Grebe’s factories could not meet the increasing demand for receiving sets. He could have rested on his laurels in that field but he turned his attention to every phase of radio. His experimental engineers were working on all phases of radio bringing it to perfection. Alfred H. Grebe then turned his attention to the establishment of practical radio broadcasting stations. WAHG began broadcasting under his sponsorship. That was the beginning of this station, WABC, the key station of the Columbia Broadcasting Company. November 1st, WAHG became one of the first commercial stations under the present registry with Alfred H. Grebe as president of the Atlantic Broadcasting Company which operated it.

It is fitting that the radio audience, the broadcasting studios in general and the personnel of the Columbia Broadcasting Company pay tribute to the memory of one of its leaders and pioneers, Alfred Henry Grebe.

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