Alfred H. Grebe Leads Off WCBS News Radio’s Series, 50 People To Know: WCBS 880 Celebrates 50 Years Of Covering News In New York


We are pleased WCBS News Radio 880 in New York City is commemorating Alfred H. Grebe’s radio station WAHG, as the originator of what became WCBS.  WCBS Anchor/Reporter Alex Silverman produced the radio interview and video for the WCBS News Radio website.

The story includes an excellent capsule of A. H. Grebe’s life and times, with colorful comments from Grebe grandsons George D. Meier, yours truly, A. H. Grebe, 3rd, and Richmond Hill Historian Carl Ballenas.

The link to the A. H. Grebe story


WCBS News Radio 880 is celebrating their 50th year as an all news radio station, and will be adding more stories commemorating their history during 2017.  Keep up with WCBS 880 Back Stories at


Hear about Alfred H. Grebe, the founding father of what became WCBS Radio.

WCBS Radio 880’s Wayne Cabot interviewed Alfred H. Grebe Jr. in 2004.

The occasion was the Richmond Hill Historical Society plaque placed on the former Grebe Radio factory.  See the story at

The audio file comes to us courtesy of Alex Silverman, WCBS Newsradio 880 Anchor/Report.  Alex recently got in touch with me (Alfred H. Grebe, 3rd) and George D. Meier, also a grandson of Alfred H. Grebe.  We chatted with Alex via Skype about the Alfred Grebe’s radio legacy.  Alex will be editing the conversation for a possible news story commemorating WCBS Radio 880’s 50th anniversary as an all news station.


Alfred H.Grebe as listed on Wikipedia, the online free encyclopedia.

Roy D. Grebe found an interesting article covering the decline of AM radio in the American Spectator honoring A. H. Grebe for his early achievements which included founding the New York City radio station that later became WCBS, still a top rated AM radio station.  The mention of A. H. Grebe is towards the end of the article.  Link here.

Grebe Radio-Phonograph

A reader has shared photos of an unusual Grebe Radio-phonograph console found in a house recently purchased.  This item is for sale, so if you are interested in this well preserved antique Grebe radio, contact me by email for more details.

Grebe Radio-Phonograph 1Greberadio_DSCN0310


Henry Rogers Performs The Glow-Worm Idyl

This was shot January 2011 in Henry and Sharon’s home, just above their Western Historic Radio Museum. It was a surprise to learn that Henry is an accomplished musician. At the tail end of the video, Henry is in the museum speaking about Grebe radios being a favorite choice among hams in the 1920’s.

The video is a bit shaky because it was shot with a small portable Flip camera.

The Grebe Clarifier

Pages scanned from June 1924 Radio News article by electrical engineer Ralph Batcher are now online, posted to this link.

One of our readers submitted this photo of a Grebe Synchrophase AC Six in much better condition.  If you double click on the image above you can see the photo enlarged for better detail.   Thank you Mr. Morrison.

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