Alfred H. Grebe Leads Off WCBS News Radio’s Series, 50 People To Know: WCBS 880 Celebrates 50 Years Of Covering News In New York


We are pleased WCBS News Radio 880 in New York City is commemorating Alfred H. Grebe’s radio station WAHG, as the originator of what became WCBS.  WCBS Anchor/Reporter Alex Silverman produced the radio interview and video for the WCBS News Radio website.

The story includes an excellent capsule of A. H. Grebe’s life and times, with colorful comments from Grebe grandsons George D. Meier, yours truly, A. H. Grebe, 3rd, and Richmond Hill Historian Carl Ballenas.

The link to the A. H. Grebe story


WCBS News Radio 880 is celebrating their 50th year as an all news radio station, and will be adding more stories commemorating their history during 2017.  Keep up with WCBS 880 Back Stories at


Here is a copy of a letter written by a contemporary and friend of A. H. Grebe, Richard S. Egolf.

William Paley was kind enough to send it to me after my inquiry about working at CBS to a start in the media business.


Roy D. Grebe found an interesting article covering the decline of AM radio in the American Spectator honoring A. H. Grebe for his early achievements which included founding the New York City radio station that later became WCBS, still a top rated AM radio station.  The mention of A. H. Grebe is towards the end of the article.  Link here.

Early Grebe CR-5 Receiver Radio Ad, April, 1921Grebe CR-5 Receiver Ad, Radio News March, 1922Grebe CR-5 Receiver Ad, Radio News, December, 1922

One of our readers has scanned these classic Grebe Radio ads and generously shared them for us to enjoy. These are for the Grebe CR-5 Receiver.

Grebe Radio DVD

You can now see the Grebe Radio manufacturing production pipeline on DVD, painstakingly digitized from old time movie film to the DVD video format. Don Patterson has produced this excellent DVD from the original black and white 16mm films shot at the A. H. Grebe & Company factory in Richmond Hill, New York. The resulting documentary can be seen in natural, realistic motion… not the herky-jerky look of “old time movies”, caused by converting 16 fps film to 24 fps film or video standards. There is no audio or narration on the film, just silent movie subject subtitles.

You can order your copy of the DVD from Don Patterson through his e-mail address:

Here are a few sample still images from the film.

Title Grebe Radio Factory Grebe Radio Factory

Title Grebe Radio Factory Grebe Radio Factory

Title Grebe Radio Factory Grebe Radio Factory