When Grebe was about 10 years old his father died. His mother then allowed him to attend public schools. Here and in the neighborhood the kids congregated at a little shack behind the house to hear and see the wireless sets Grebe was making. None of the mothers were worried as they knew their kids were at the Grebe’s. A cartoon published in 1940 (shown in previous article) exemplified what went on around his house.

Cartoon from The New York Sun, Jan. 31, 1931

“I don’t know what spurred the appearance of this cartoon. The GREBE RADIO company was already suffering badly in the Great Depression.

I do know my father liked to read The New York Sun. Many times I would go to a local “cigar store” and get it for him in the afternoon.” – A. H. Grebe, Jr.

Detail from cartoon from The New York Sun, Jan. 31, 1931

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