Vintage Grebe Radio advertisements published in 1926, 1927 and 1928 National Geographic Magazines.

Grebe Tone print advertisement
These characters, especially the round speaker phone on the left are both frowning! A. H. Grebe took his classical music seriously, and evidently did not cater to the cutesy ad appeal.

Grebe A-C Six Radio print advertisement

The town crier stands in front a tavern named “Witch Haven.”

The Charm of the Synchrophase Radio print advertisement

The Charm of the Synchrophase, includes sage advice from Lao Tzu and Doctor Mu. At the bottom of the ad, “This Company owns and operates stations WAHG and WBOQ”

Grebe Waited radio print advertisement

Perfect light socket reception sounds like a wireless internet solution in today’s modern households.

Grebe Waited radio print advertisement

The image at the upper left is part of a Communications series of engravings A. H. Grebe commissioned as Grebe Radio promotional material.

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